Meditation and inspiration

One of the first exercises we have done in class consisted of a guided meditation. This was incredibly helpful to me, as I found the inspiration for my film. I clearly remember what I felt while I was there, laying on the floor, looking at the ceiling light. My body was relaxed, and it felt heavy. It was like my whole weight was held by the floor, a thin layer between me and a deep, dark hole. I was in a daze, looking at the tiny movements in the light; those little changes in colour that you can see only when you look straight into a source of light. Mike’s voice in my ear: “what do I want to tell with my film, what story do I need to tell with my video”. There I had the pressing feeling to use the film to express and let go the struggle of making a choice, my fear for not having anything that I see my self doing in the near future, my indecision.

At the end f the exercise we had few minutes on our own to walk around campus, and to find a visual inspiration. I am afraid I looked a bit lost and awkward while walking outside, looking for something that I did not know. Luckily for me, I did not have to go too far to find my inspiration. Looking at the metal tree in front of Marlowe building, and the white cubes in the sitting area nearby, I saw my story, and I saw my video. In the tree I saw a path, simple and straightforward at the beginning, but complex and intricate at the end. I saw myself now. Getting closer and closer to the end of my undergraduate studies, no clear idea of what to do next, and and infinite amount of possibilities, choices, and decisions to make. I turned around and I found my video. A white cube. A new point of view to indecision, a look from the outside, that could make my experience that of many, and become a means of change for those in a similar situation.

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