Window scene

I waited till the very last moment to shoot this scene, and I was extremely excited about it. I had a clear idea of audio, setting and lighting, idea that I wanted to recreate in the most accurate way possible. Fundamental of the construction of the setting and the editing of sounds was Hanley’s (2007) discussion of the importance of sounds in enhancing the evocative qualities of images. I imagined the scene to stimulate a feeling of calm and ease, through the use of soft dark light of the late-afternoon, early-evening, To a minimal setting little and natural sound was associated.

“In some scenes, it’s almost 100%. It’s the thing that
can add so much emotion to a film. It’s a thing that
can add all the mood and create a larger world. It
sets the tone and it moves things. Sound is a great
“pull” into a different world. And it has to work
with the picture—but without it, you’ve lost half the
film” (Lynch, 2003:52; In: Henley, 2007:55).


Henley, P. (2007). Seeing, Hearing, Feeling: Sound and the Despotism of the Eye in “Visual” Anthropology. Visual Anthropology Review. 23(1): 54-63.

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