A new collaboration

Today I met Federica, an old friend of mine. We grew up together, and cannot help myself but thinking of her as family. She is five years older than me, but the age gap has never been a problem; nor when I was 4 and she was 9, or now that I am 22 and she is 27. We have always been very close. I have always found funny, as our families have, how we ended up following the same path. Nothing was planned, it was just a matter of coincidence. I went to the so called “classical” high school, as she did; same classroom, same professors. She then went to university and studied Anthropology; so did I. I am now finishing my undergraduate studies in the UK, and she is about to start her PhD there. When she started to express a passion for photography, there I was, in another country, walking around with my first camera. I could list a thousand more examples, but I hope the message has already went through.

Thinking about my video project, asking her to be part of it came natural to me. I would like this film to become a means to express my feelings, to portrait of indecision, and the struggles of dealing with it, which are mine, but that of many others as well. I want it to be almost a confession, and focus the filming on my own experience. However, to overcome the issue of filming myself in non-static situations,  I chose to involve a second person, with whom I share similar feelings and experience. I believe involving Federica could benefit the narrative, by giving a more interesting twist and development, while keeping a still accurate representation of myself within the video. We mostly discussed several ideas about filming techniques, and framing choices, moving from our current sensibility and experience with photography, resulting of a nice combination of perspectives, architecture and portrait. Overall it was an incredibly productive and inspiring day, which helped me to further develop the project, and made me more confident about the potential outcomes.

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