Symbolic camera

To have my symbolic camera represent indecision. I decided to make it reversible, so to have the possibility to change its appearance according to the mood. It has two sides: one more “realistic”, white, with details copied from a real camera; another more “abstract”, pink, with camera features reproduced with geometric shapes.

My materials were limited, as I mostly used what I found at home. Cardboard from a beer box, white paper and glue for the base; pink and pearl paint to colour it, and black markers to draw. The original idea for a reversible camera was that to  cut the cardboard into a single piece, with a snap-fit design. However, where this design worked with an A4, it did not with the thicker cardboard. Therefore the cardboard was cut into different pieces, hold together by hook and loop tape to keep the shape of the camera, and to be able to fold it over anytime. Honestly the building process required lots of improvisation, especially due to very limited material, however, although the final result is a bit more rough than what I imagined, I am happy that I was able to realise my original design.

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