Film proposal

Working title: Recede in the ipsum.

Director: Margherita Gorini.

Format: video.

Camera: Canon 700D.


In life I believe that everyone experiences a moment of indecision in regard to a decision to make, that shakes, to some extent, the perception we have of  ourselves. My film will show this in action by exploring the dichotomy that characterizes a moment of struggle, the crisis, that comes with indecision. A negative meaning  is generally given to the word crisis, however, if we reflect about the etymology of the word itself, we can get a glimpse of its positive connotations. A moment of crisis is a moment of reflection, which can stimulate creativity and set the basis for improvement. Therefore, my film’s main conflict is between the negative and positive aspects of crisis, seen from  the point of view of a single character, whose experience will channel that of many. I expect my film’s structure to be determined by the experience of the subject, whose  perspective will suggest a style that is simple, direct, and suggestive. Through this I want the audience to build a relationship with the character, and to feel as they are having a private conversation, rather than witnessing one, while reflecting on their own position in regard to indecision.

My film will have one main character. I will use my own experience to address the theme of indecision, as it is a topic that I feel very representative of the stage of life I am at right now, and I feel the urge to discuss it in first person. Constant within the video will be the image of a tree, a metaphor for a path leading to important decisions and crisis. The film will take place at the end to the trunk, when the person has reached a new breakpoint, and is now facing the many branches ahead.

The conflict the character is be facing, will mostly be a conflict of the self, which rises from the need for a direction, which at times is lost, at times is manufactured, at times is not found at all. By addressing this topic, I wish my video to become a means for my potential audience to obtain a new point of view on their own indecision, which could provide the opportunity to reflect and change. My intended audience is mostly my university colleges, who I expect to possibly relate to the topic of the film, and therefore, to experience countervailing feelings about their own struggles.

The film will be a portrait of a person, whose experience could be either that of a single individual, or that of many. Shots from to-camera interviews will be alternated to others following the making of the video. A narration, calm and honest will follow the events, and build a feelings of intimacy and vulnerability characteristic of a private conversation. Soft lightening and light instrumental music will bring the audience into a small room, where they become a friend, to whom a confession is being made, and help is sought from. The video will follow a cyclical structure, starting at a moment where a decision has to be made, and ending where another is being approached.

This video proposal was made with reference to Rabiger (2004).