Filming – early days

The first filming attempts were not as successful as I expected them to be. I came to question my assumptions that the camera would become a tool to facilitate the conversation, or that people would eventually become less aware of its presence, especially when the camera was placed in strategic points. My goal, as that of many filmmakers, was that to record spontaneous behaviours (Møhl, 2011). However, I kept noticing a drastic change in posture, voice, and gestures, not much related to the presence of the camera itself, but to the awareness of being recorded. When participants were asked to describe the experience, they all said that they felt they had to be more formal when being recorded, and to present a “better” image of themselves.

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Møhl, P. (2011). Mise en scène, Knowledge and Participation: Considerations of a Filming Anthropologist. Visual Anthropology. 24(3): 227-245.